Mytological Legends of the Amalfi Coast

Legends and myths portray the Amalfi Coast to have a strong connection with the classical greek mythology. We have selected some of the most famous mythological legends for you. The Path of the Gods  The legend says that when Ulysses was struggling with the singing Sirens of Capri, the gods used the trail to rush […]

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Amalfi Coast secluded beaches

The Amalfi Coast has one of Italy’s most beautiful coastlines: a unique Mediterranean landscape with terraced vineyards and lemon groves, vantages with breathtaking views on coves and remote shores. Visiting the most beautiful and unique beaches of the Amalfi Coast is the key to live an authentic Italian experience. This is why we crafted this […]

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Are you traveling to the Amalfi Coast? Here are some tips you might find useful to plan your vacation!

A small introduction on the Amalfi Coast  You might have heard about it by your friends or relatives, or maybe, you have come across the many influential posts on your social media feeds. But yes, despite the way you discovered the Amalfi Coast, here you are planning a trip to this unique place on earth. […]

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