Legends and myths portray the Amalfi Coast to have a strong connection with the classical greek mythology. We have selected some of the most famous mythological legends for you.

The Path of the Gods 
The legend says that when Ulysses was struggling with the singing Sirens of Capri, the gods used the trail to rush to the site and save Ulysses, as described in the famous Odyssey opera.

Conca dei Marini’s Witches
Legends say that there was a time when witches populated this small fishing village. Sorcerers would meet at night to practice magical rites, prepare love potions and hex remedies. Every year, in Conca dei Marini there is still a festival, carnevale delle Janare, to celebrate the witches that once populated the area.

Ieranto Bay’s Sirenes
The Ieranto Bay, a small cove in the Peninsula of Sorrento, is also characterised by mythological stories. According to Plinio il Vecchio (1° century A.C.), in this creek Ulysses, in his journey back to Itaca, encountered the Sirenes who were living on the coasts.