The Amalfi Coast has one of Italy’s most beautiful coastlines: a unique Mediterranean landscape with terraced vineyards and lemon groves, vantages with breathtaking views on coves and remote shores.

Visiting the most beautiful and unique beaches of the Amalfi Coast is the key to live an authentic Italian experience. This is why we crafted this guide of the 7 most authentic secluded beaches on the Amalfi Coast.

Duoglio & Santa Croce
Not far from Amalfi, you can find Duoglio’s beach. This stunning shore is definitely a must-visit while you are on the Amalfi Coast. You can reach Duoglio either by a stone staircase or using the water taxies services. This beach is the perfect place for a relaxing day, and it is equipped with different lidos, restaurants and bars. If you are up for it, you can also do a wide range of water sports in Duoglio.

amalfi coast secluded beach
Duoglio Amalfi Coast

Fiordo Di Furore
The Fiordo di Furore is one of the most beautiful and characteristic shores on the Amalfi Coast. Only once you reach the Fiordo di Furore, you can understand why we strongly recommend to visit this beach. You will admire a deep and narrow cleft in the coastline, a unique and inimitable scenery ideal to enjoy a relaxing day. The small beach is only accessible by a stone staircase or using a water taxi.

Furore fjord amalfi coast
Fiordo Furore

Marina Di Conca & La Vite
The Marina di Conca, part of a traditional local fishing village, is one of the most charming and picturesque beaches on the Amalfi Coast. Once on the seashore, you will find a very relaxing atmosphere and magnificent natural sceneries. The beach is well served with restaurants, bars and bathing facilities. You can access Marina di Conca by a staircase path or using a water taxi.

Conca dei marini fishing village beach
Conca dei Marini

Marina Di Praia
The Marina di Praia is a small and secluded beach set in the municipality of Praiano. This beach is surrounded by two rocky ridges, which create a suggestive contrast with the blue crystalline waters. There is a stone path leading to the Torre a Mare, a Saracen tower from the Middle Age. The Marina di Praia is equipped with family run lidos, restaurants, bars, open until late. There is also a guarded parking just at the beach entrance.

Marina di Praia

Laurito Beach
Petite and wild, Laurito beach is located in Positano. This small cove is surprisingly uncrowded compared to Positano’s main beach. It is a peaceful and elegant spot where to relax and enjoy the extraordinary panorama. In Laurito, there are two family run restaurants where you can taste local seafood. You can reach Laurito beach through a staircase from Positano or a water taxi from any piers on the Amalfi Coast.

hidden gem Laurito Beach Positano
Laurito beach Positano

Baia Di Ieranto
The Bay of Ieranto is a mystical and natural site, located in a cove of the Peninsula of Sorrento, facing the island of Capri. The Bay’s high level of biodiversity makes Ieranto the ideal destination for those who want to come in contact with nature. To access the Bay of Ieranto, you must get to Nerano, a small fishing village and then hike a walking path to reach a secluded beach with crystal clear water and view of Capri.

Ieranto sorrento and amalfi coast beach

Bagni Della Regina Giovanna
The Bagni della Regina Giovanna, located in the heart of the Sorrentinean peninsula, is one of the places you simply cannot miss while visiting the Amalfi Coast. Named after Queen Giovanna of Naples, this bay is a unique blend of archaeology and Mediterranean natural sceneries. You can admire remains from an ancient Roman Villa before reaching the rocky and green coastline along the water, which many compare to a natural swimming pool. To access the Bagni of Regina Giovanna, you need to walk a short walk path from Capo di Sorrento.

Bagni regina giovanna sorrento
Bagni Regina Giovanna